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College student reserves to active duty

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I am a USMC reservist, I am in college, and guess where I am right now.....IRAQ. Thank God for the internet. I truly think that being prior enlisted is the best, that way you can experience your choice of service from the ground up and you will be respected by your subordinates more because they know you have been through the same boot camp they went through (can anyone say hazing, oh yeah I forgot that doesn't exist anymore in the Corps, HAHA). For those who aren't familiar with USMC boot camp it is an experience that can never be forgotten; i.e. Full Metal Jacket. Yeah sure officers go through OCS but there are a lot more games and incentive training a.k.a. getting smoked, killed, etc... in boot camp. DRINK WATER NOW!!! RUN AROUND MY SQUAD BAY NOW!!! PUKE RIGHT NOW!!

I plan on applying for PLC when I get home.

I just hope I don't get sent back out here. Oh yeah and for those who think that all Marines are on the front line are wrong. Unless you are on a convoy or Grunt you will not see much action. Iraq insurgents are pu$$ie$ and they like to fight the sneaky fight through terror. This is a different kind of war.

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