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Career Progression for O-3 Lat Transfer to Intel


New Member
Out of curiosity, what does the career progression look like for an O-3 who lat transfers to Intel after, say, 6-7 years of commissioned service in another community? After initial training, do you start from the beginning with first sea duty, or is your time in another community considered and do you start with second sea tour?


Well-Known Member
It depends. I've seen lat transfers go to sea duty and shore duty (targeteer, squadron AI, COCOM/JIOC). Generally they try to get you a sea duty billet to help you get caught up on the milestones required for intel career progression, but to make O-4 you pretty much need sea duty and a competitive tour, and with 6-7 years in you won't get to complete both of them. The detailer will most likely take your time in your previous community into account, meaning you're less likely to get an ENS billet, but I have seen lat transfer LTs get squadron intel jobs, which do typically go to first tour ensigns. In other words, there's not necessarily a set career path, but the detailer will try to balance your previous experience with the need to get you intel experience ahead of the O-4 board.


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I talked to the Intel OCM yesterday, they have about 20 lateral x-fer/POCR slots per year and get around 260 applications, so it helps to have a wicked package to submit.