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CAPT Robert P. Rice


Lost in the machine
Saw this in my local newspaper yesterday, passed away in November, thought some of the more mature members might have known him...


I had the opportunity to meet and talk with him several times while he was serving as docent at the National Air and Space Museum.

An excerpt:

"Bob was a career Naval Jet Pilot who retired as Captain after 27 years which included five tours of duty in Vietnam, the last one as Commanding Officer of VF-111, flying the world famous F4B attack jet aircraft aboard the USS Coral Sea (CVA-43)."


St. Francis/Hugh Hefner Combo!
Super Moderator
I had the honor of serving as a CAG-9 mate of Bob's at Alameda/USS RANGER from 1958-'62 when he was in VF-91 in early model F-8 Crusader! Both LTjgs at the time, we made several Wpns Dets to Fallon, and the '60 Westpac on Ranger. You will be missed ..... RIP Silver Fox!:(