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Can't seem to make a decison?


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Hi everyone, so I've wanted to join the military ever since I was in the 6th grade. I'm 23 now and just graduated from college with a degree in Natural Resource Conservation. I chose this degree because I figured I would enjoy it if I ever decided that I didn't want to join the military, however, I still have that desire.

I've been set on joining the Navy for probably 5 years with no specific interest in what job I just felt more interested in the Navy. However, recently I've been looking into the Army and their Veterinary Corps. I grew up on a farm and have been around cows, horses, chickens, dogs, and cats my whole life and have always had an interest in medicine and animals. Learning veterinary skills in the military, working with the Military Working Dogs, supporting all branches of the military, and potentially having my schooling completely paid for really appeals to me.

When I really think about it the Army is probably the better option for me since I know which job I would actually want to do and I would still be able to be in the military, but I keep coming back to thinking about the Navy. I think a big part of it is that being from a landlocked state, everyone I know who has joined the military has either joined the Army or the Air Force and I would just like to do something different. Also, a family friend of mine joined the Army JAG Corps right out of law school and I don't want to be seen as just copying them. I have no connection to the Navy other than an interest in it as all of my family and friends who served were in either the Army or Air Force. If I did join the Navy I'd probably try for the Supply Corps since I minored in Business or the Civil Engineer Corps since I've helped my dad with construction projects as he is also a general contractor. I know I'll have to go for more schooling to become a veterinarian or engineer.

Am I being irrational in my decision? Have I just been set in my ways for too long that I don't want to change? I'd really appreciate any thoughts or advice anyone has. Thanks.


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Am I being irrational in my decision? Have I just been set in my ways for too long that I don't want to change? I'd really appreciate any thoughts or advice anyone has. Thanks.
Yes, yes you are. You need to figure out a plan like what @Brett327 said and run with it. Assuming you have a solid GPA there are Navy Officer programs which you can apply for. Scratch CEC from your list, without an engineering or architecture degree you can’t apply - as in you’re not eligible.

It’s normal to not have a plan with someone your age but now is the time to figure all of that out.


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My brother is an Army Veterinarian. You're whored out to other services and you do 75%+ food/meat certification. Hope you're cool with that.
Also, you gotta get accepted to Vet school and it sounds like you haven't started that process.

You really need to do some research before you go any further. If you're worried about what your family/hometown thinks about you "copying" someone, you got some maturing to do.

Research, research, figure out which way you want to go, and then go full steam. Good luck dude.


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75%+ food/meat certification
I've always wondered how much food the Army actually needs to inspect. Unless they're getting a lot of items off the local economies in developing countries, this seems like a bizarre function to have.