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Can I submit multiple packages?


I am currently a active duty recruiter submitting my OCS package on 01/29. I plan to apply until I no longer qualify for Officer programs. That being said, if I never get selected, I want to be an NC (career recruiter) for the rest of my enlisted career. I am coming up on my last year of recruiting and I found in the NC Conversation Inst that I have to submit my package when I have 12 months left as a canvaser. Does anyone have any experience or know where else I can look to see if I am allowed to apply for OCS while applying for a rate conversion? If selected as an NC, am allowed to convert to an officer?

My other question is I saw that supply DCO is once a year. As an active duty sailor, am I allowed to apply for DCO as well?



You should sit down with an officer recruiter and discuss all possible scenarios. I would imagine with you being a recruiter you would have various contacts within the community.
I did talk to them. What I did get from my CCC and Divo was a hesitated "yes". Thats why I was asking on this forum to see if anyone had experience with this situation before. The NC conversion inst isnt as detailed as most others... My worry is the NC conversion inst says my change to NC is irrervseable to change back to any other rate but says nothing about crossing over nor an obligation time for being accepted to NC. Since im on an age waiver and my window to convert is coming up time is not in my favor... I just don't want to convert and find out hurt my chances or make my self ineligible since I have a small time window..

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