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C-130 Pipeline

Can anyone explain to me how selection for C-130s is determined and what the pipeline and lifestyle is like? I know you do advanced in a multi engine trainer in TX, but everything else that the maritime community entails remains a mystery to me as I don’t hear much about it online, or only hear second hand info from other pilots/snas.


Helo Advanced
I don't know what the pipeline looks like after primary, but selection is dependent on your grades and if they have a slot available the week you select. When I went through primary last year, C-130s were extremely competitive and there were only 22 slots (out of all the primary squadrons combined) during the entire 7 months I was there.


Space Cadet
As of last year (when I was a Primary IP), USMC students had their finalized package submitted which included flight grades, class advisor input, senior marine/squadron CO comments. Herk slots were not common, so they usually went to students with a good NSS, although I did see some quality spread inputs. There will likely be USMC Herk IPs in your squadron, so be sure to ask them about the lifestyle if you want. Most IPs are happy to talk about the good and bad of their platforms.

Bottom line, do your best, don't fuck it up, ask questions, put what you want on your dream sheet, then love whatever you get.