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Buying or selling a house under $550k? Rebates better than USAA...


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My wife is a real estate agent with a botique, up-market real estate firm in Dallas. (jamie@daveperrymiller.com)

She's a rep for Military on the Move, and can refer you to qualified agents with Military on the Move no matter where you live. We know finding the right agent can be tough, and she screens / interviews all of them. And if you're in or moving to Dallas, she'd love to personally help you!

Rebates to a buyer or seller are basically .5% of the sales price given a normal 3% commission - paid at final settlement in either cash or statement credit.

This is not a "band" like USAA - it's a straight percentage rebate. For instance, for a 250k home, both USAA and Military on the Move will remit a $1250 rebate. However, for a $399k home, USAA only rebates $1250 (due to their banding), while the MoM rebate is $1999 (.5% of 399k). If you're buying or selling homes above 550k, USAA is better.

Only select real estate companies are part of the program, and only select agents within those companies are qualified to participate.

We've used the program to sell our condo in Norfolk, my sister-in-laws condo in San Diego, and my brother's house in Meridian.

More details below or email Jamie directly at jamie@daveperrymiller.com if interested:

The Military on the Move® program was developed for leading independent real estate companies and their agents to have an opportunity to say thank you to veterans and active duty military. Military members have the opportunity to work with the very best real estate agents and receive a rebate or credit when buying or selling a home. In fact, our program rebate is richer than many military rebate programs, and more importantly, there is no mortgage tie-in; you can choose to work with any lender.