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Bringing out the sleeping warrior


New Member
Good morning ladies and gents,

So I've made the decision to put in an application for OCS and get an air contract with the USMC. I'm a prior service Marine so it made sense to come back home to the Corps for commissioning. I just finished talking to the OSO and the only thing I need to work on before I apply is my weight. With that I'll also need to bring a first class PFT to the table (280 PFT according to him) before they work with me. I'm currently 29 years old 6'0 ft and 256 lbs. I'm WAY over the weight limit, does anyone have any helpful programs or workout suggestions that will help me get the weight down and get a PFT score of 280 or above. I'm open to any and all suggestions, I want this badly so FIRE AWAY!


Armstrong pullup program (google it) and lots of running.

For the weight, cut carbs and eat more protein and vegetables. Cutting beer (or limiting, up to you) and soft drinks as well as any form of fast food does wonders. When I wanted to lose weight, I went all out on the paleo diet. Basically, if our ancestors 2000 years ago had it, then I could eat it. Lots of meat, fruit, and vegetables. Little to no dairy and refined sugars.

Losing weight is all a matter of input and output. Calories consumed vs calories expended. It takes around 3500 calories expended over what you took in to lose a pound. Just in the course of daily activity you'll burn 2000ish calories.

Make a good food journal. Myfitnesspal has a good, free online one that helps track meals.


Yup, you could look into P90x, that will drop weight quickly if you stick to it. Drink nothing but water (no beer on weekends, ugh), and eat lots of high protein foods. Run a lot. What was your PFT score as an enlisted Marine? I would think you would know how to PT right, just focus on your diet.


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Run, diet like above (limit bad stuff before cutting it out entirely. You'll have a better chance at sticking to the new better diet) once you slim down a bit do weighted pullups. Start with whatever you can do a few times then increase weight as you go.Before you know it you'll be cranking out 20. Worked great for me.