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Bates Lites Update


New Member
A little late but yes they are allowed. Why would you want them though? You'll never use them again after OCS and they have terrible support. If you just run in regular boots a couple months prior to shipping out you'll be completed adapted.
Look into picking up the Danner RAT boots:


The Corps is transitioning to them and they're so durable and comfortable. Kept my feet in good shape through countless hikes. The first link has them for super cheap and the second has a lot of specs on them.


Livin on a Prayer
Are we transitioning to RATs though? They've been talking about this for 3-4 years now, but I have yet to hear any official word that they will be required.


Far from this opera for evermore...
Cool, now you can deal with your soles falling apart in front of everyone while there are DIs around to yell at you.

Bates suck. I wear them only because I have to.


Self aware since 2014
Why would you want them though? You'll never use them again after OCS...
I've had my same pair that I got in OCS 8 years ago. I use them for the CFT every year. If I were going to run in boots, lites are the ones I would prefer.


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I still wear my lights when I'm forced to not wear a flight suit. Same ones that I broke in before OCS on the non-skid of my boat. Wore them for every run and E-Course during OCS and TBS and were my "normal wear every day boots" as well. Not having the concrete bricks of RATs (as great of boots as they are) for running was worth the money spent on them.

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