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Aviation Safety Survey


New Member
TAKE SURVEY About Aviation Safety Attitudes to Help Fellow Pilot Complete his Doctoral Dissertation


As a former United States Naval Aviator, current Bell production test pilot, and doctoral candidate at Grand Canyon University, I am conducting a research study to explore the role that certain personality traits — assertiveness and aggressiveness — may have on aviation safety attitudes in current and former military pilots. I am asking for your participation in this study. The online survey will take approximately 10 minutes.

Your participation in this study is voluntary and confidential. You may choose to withdraw from the study at any time. There will be no penalty for withdrawal. If at any time you quit the survey, your results will be discarded. The results of the research study may be published, but your name will not be used. All results will remain anonymous.

If you know other current and former US military pilots who may like to participate in this study, please forward this message to them and invite them to participate.

Thank you! I appreciate your time and participation in this study. If you have any questions, contact me at tmouw01@my.gcu.edu.

Timothy “Chairman” Mouw
Doctoral Candidate
Grand Canyon University