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Auburn NROTC: What's it like? What's it take to get a full ride scholarship for NROTC there?


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I'm a junior in high school with goals to fly for the Navy, and Auburn NROTC has been a frontrunner for me. It's only 4 hours from where I live, great NROTC program, great academics, great campus, great sports, and I'm actually an Auburn fan myself. I just need some information on the academic and physical requirements it would take for me to get a full ride scholarship for NROTC. How rigorous is the training, and what do I need to be mentally/physically prepared for? What should my ACT score and GPA look like? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks guys.


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Keep in mind you are applying to two different things…admission to Auburn and an NROTC scholarship. Auburn may be one of those schools taking on airs of importance, but if you are a decent student you stand a decent chance. As for ROTC, the training isn’t difficult but there is regimentation, uniforms, and short hair. If you are in ordinary physical shape and are willing to put up with a tiny amount of yelling you’ll be fine.


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Unless there's some recent AU grads... best bet is to check out the Auburn NROTC website, found here:

You can request a tour and/or possibly talk to current Navy ROTC Midshipmen to learn more. Also, you can pick their brain on application tips, strategies etc. and what stats/background they had in order to get selected.