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ASTB Scores


New Member
Hello all, relatively new to this site so it was a bit of a hassle to try and figure out how to post. However, I wanted to make a post concerning my ASTB scores. I have taken them twice already and my scores came out to be a 42, 3/4/4. I have read a lot about having your AQR, PFAR and FOFAR scores at all 5's to be competitive and I was just wondering how true that would be. Would I be considered competitive if I tried applying with the scores I currently have? I am hesitant to take it again in fears of getting a worse score and having to use that as my final score. I am looking to get an NFO spot. I was also wondering what other aspects could impact my chances such as GPA, leadership roles in high school and college, and things of that nature. My recruiter seemed to try and get me to go into other directions but I really want this NFO spot. Any insight would be extremely helpful and encouraging. Thanks all.


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since you only have one take left, if you really want this you need to buckle down and devote time to studying...as @villo0692 said your current scores are below the minimums.

Look at the 1,001 ASTB questions thread and run through the materials in the kyle drive. do not go for the final attempt unless you are confident you will do well. note that a 42 OAR also makes you ineligible for most designators outside of SWO.