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Hi everyone,

There is a lot of great information here, but I can't find a specific answer to " do you need to take the full ASTB for AMDO?"

My OR told me I don't need to take the ASTB for AMDO, is that correct?

@CTN1 and @Lio , as usual @RUFiO181 is correct. If you're looking for the specific PA to put your mind at ease, it's PA 107, last reviewed on December 2016. Under section h. Program Specific Requirements, (2) Test Scores/Certifications: A minimum score of 40 on Officer Aptitude Rating.

I don't mean any disrespect, but in the future I would suggest doing some digging through the forums, NPC, MILPERSMAN, etc. before posting questions on here. Many questions have been asked multiple times and can be found with a quick search. If nothing else, consider that if selected for a commission, you'll be expected to find answers on your own all of the time.