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ASTB 2016

Hey guys, I'm taking the ASTB soon, I wanted to ask if someone has a good ASTB study guide or a book for the new version that came out recently. Also could somebody give me the link to that Marine Gouge everyone has been talking about? Also what are some good prep books. I was looking into Barron's 3rd edition and Arco's.


Ron, if you look at the top of the ASTB forum list you will find a dozen pinned resources where all these distinguished moderators and contributors have collected their advice into a [relatively] condensed location on the internet. Yes, some of those forums run for a long time, but if you can't put in the effort to screen them for what it is you're in search of, I don't think these aviators (prospective, current, or retired) are going to give you the time of day. Hence your broad-stroke questions getting 100+ views in the last two weeks, and no replies.

If, after you've screened the forums and are having difficulty finding specific pieces of information, then you'll be able to make more precise requests which have a much better chance of receiving help then, "Hey guys, just send me what you have."

Edit: I'll get you pointed in the right direction: https://www.airwarriors.com/community/index.php?threads/astb-prep-study-guide-feedback.28142/


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I am taking the ASTB OAR next month, will it be different from all the study guide here since all of them are from couple years ago?


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If you can’t help, don’t waste your energy. I’m nicely asking the admin to delete this thread.
I don’t think you understand how we do things around here. This isn’t wasted energy...I’m practicing my multitasking skillz whilst I defecate and pontificate simultaneously.