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Army PRT Improvement Program


Stumbled across this this program the other day. I enjoy it as there's a nice balanced array of exercised to perform, rather than just busting out a whole bunch of pushups or situps. There are prescribed reps to hit for each set based on around where you score on the PRT. Note that it is designed for the Army PRT (PFT?), so things like the situp form are different, but I figure it's close enough.

Essentially the flow is:
3 sets of pushups
3 sets of situps
1 set of close grip pushups
1 set of wide grip pushups
Few sets of crunches
Turn and bounces (which are a bit strange, watch the video below)
Flutter kicks (abs)
Leg spreaders (abs)

Give it a read: http://www.elon.edu/docs/e-web/academics/elon_college/rotc/Training_to_Max_PT.pdf
Youtube video explaining everything:

Figured I'd share, may be useful to someone.


New Member
Thanks for this! I'm heading to OCS in January and my situps are still not where I need them to be so this routine looks like a great way to shape up. Appreciate the post!


Glad it looks like it will help, mission accomplished! Hope to see you in Newport, I'm crossing my fingers I can get into the 08JAN2017 class.