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Are you looking at the Reserves?


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First off, let me start by saying that I'm starting this thread not to entice people into the reserves but to only to inform. When I left active duty, I KNEW NOTHING. No one came to my TAP's class, no pamphlets or phone numbers to call. Nothing. Luckily, there was Charlie Company, 1st Battalion 23rd Marines on NAS Corpus Christi that I used as a stepping stone. I literally walked in and said "How do I get into the reserves." Today, there is so much information on the web for reservists that there is no excuse for ignorance.
I never considered the reserves when I left Active Duty but I also did not want to throw away 12 years. I joined an infantry battalion for convenience but for the simple fact that there are no EA-6B's in the reserves. The Navy was going through an upheaval in their reserves that were associated with CNATRA and I really wanted no part of that mess. I could have flown at a MASD (Marine Aviation Support Detachment) but I did not want to commute for an airline job and then commute to New Orleans or D.C. just to drill. Ok, that's my reasons for joining but how do you start.
Start at the heart of the reserves, MARFORRES:


If nothing else, read the Reserve Guidebook. You are going to learn that the Reserves has a language all to itself. Ironically, its just about the same language for ANY service. Funny, the part timers are more standardized then the full timers. The website also shows you were all the reserve sites are located within the US. There are 189 sites that you can join as a SMCR (selected Marine Corps Reserve) Marine. These are units that you can drill and get paid. IMA (Individual Mobilization Augmentee) is also a part of the SMCR but housed at a different command. No this is not the same as a "IA" so purge that from your mind. If you stay in the IRR or decide to be a part of a IMA billet, you will find the MOBCOM site helpful.

Marine Corps Mobilization Command or MOBCOM(formerly MCRSC) is the home of all IMA billets as well as the mustering manger for the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).


If you are in the IRR, expect to correspond with MOBCOM.

Lastly, the website for Manpower and Reserve Affairs. This is a good site to look up questions on PME, promotion opportunities and Career Management.


This is only the beginning. If nothing else, read the Guidebook. The web version has all the up to date information and is the best starting point for a Reserve Career. I will be happy to field questions so fire away. I will be in El Centro dropping bombs from the 13th - 27th of April so I may not get to your questions right away. I hope other reservists on this site will jump in during my absence. Semper Fi, Frumby