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Appointment probability after receiving nomination?


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My son recently received a Congressional nomination in what was described to me by our BGO as a "competitive district" in Texas. Does anyone have any ideas on how this nomination affects the chances of an appointment?



Need more info. Nomination to where (what service academy). Has your son even applied? How old is your son and where is he in the high school/college journey.


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Second rob's post. Getting the nomination just means that the respective Academy can offer an appointment. As for a specific probability, there really isn't one. Is there an increased chance that he'll get in? Maybe, as he's cleared on more hurdle. However, that's just what it is - another hurdle. He's still got a chance at acceptance or rejection, depending on what the admissions board thinks of his package.



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To answer your question, the nomination greatly increases his chances because without a nomination, he has 0% chance (unless things have changed).

By the way, welcome to AW. I encourage your son to come visit, as well.


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Every year I have 3-7 candidates get a nomination, yet I still post a big 'ol goose egg on selections every now and then. Look at it this way, about 5000 USNA applicants get congressional nominations ( about another 1300 nominations come from other sources). Yet only around 1200 get offers. That is the best we can offer. 6300 noms, 1200 selects. A nom hardly makes it a done deal. I don't even have to ask about the rest of his app since if he wasn't in the ball park in every other way he likely would not have gotten a nomination. Most of my guys that get turned down look great and I really thought they would make great Midshipmen and officers. I can NEVER guess which guys are going to be selected. Certainly can't prognosticate one the web. BTW welcome aboard. If this doesn't work out for him there are other paths to commission. Have your son come on board and think about a back up plan. And hey, let us know how it comes out.


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I worked in USNA Admissions for a bit after I graduated - second what others have said here - it puts your son into a pool of people that can be nominated. If it's possible, pursue any other remaining nominations - it puts you in more "pools" from which you can be appointed. If not, keep updating the application at the Naval Academy with anything else your son accomplishes... but have him do it, not you.


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Bubba, good to see you posting again, long time no see. I imagine 'Dizzyland East' gobbles up all your time and attention!:eek:
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DC's been a ride to say the least. I definitely plan on being back on the boards more now that the tour is winding down and I'm back on a career path in the Navy.

To the OP, keep truckin'. Dan's post is spot on as well. I'd also suggest having your son poke around on here a bit as well. There are a bunch of us who have been where he is now.