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API After Action 2019


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Yes. But regardless of platform, it's doing what it's called. You set the power you are requesting, and then the engine schedules what it needs to give you that power. Sure you might be manipulating a different widget, but the PCLs in both aircraft are doing the same thing.
True as to the function they perform. I was merely commenting on how in the 60 the PCLs were put in to FLY and left there for normal flight while in the 34 you continually adjusted the PCL throughout the flight.


To add further to the already excellent contributions. Don't dick about in Ground school during primary. Don't dick about in API and fail. There is zero reason to let one (or two) of your three strikes be for basically quite easy exams in API and ground school. I've already seen a few IPCs and FPCs resulting from people rolling into ground school with 1 API failure, failing an exam in ground school, and then failing a flight. Take it seriously and finish API and ground school with your academic record intact. Chances are that you will foul something up at some point and there is no point having already used up one or two of your get out of jail free cards for that.