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Any recent AMDO selects?


New Member
New to the site, though I've searched plenty. I'm getting my package ready now. Just waiting on my transcripts and interviews really. I'd like to know what sort of stats recent selects have had. I'm currently active duty, E-6 (8 years in), 29 years old, B.S. in Education and Training from Southern Illinois Univ with a 3.07 gpa, ASTB 5/5/5 oar 50. Good evals, LORs, volunteer work and fitness. I'm an AO, but I've worked AIMD and Squadron. AMDO is the only thing I want to do. Any advice on package musts would be great. I don't have the luxury of an OR, my Career Counselor isn't much help, I'm just going by the OPNAV 1420 and therefore I'm sure there are variables that I don't know about.

Gus Gorilla

New Member
AMDO was one of my choices on my package but was returned as Non-select due to no board meeting in Jan. My recruiter said something about a May board. But thats rumor at this point.


New Member
The AMDO community manager told me an April board, so I am going with that for what it's worth. Are you still applying for AMDO?


New Member
I recently received direct commissioned as an AMDO this past December but having difficulty finding an open billet. Any suggestions, tips, etc. to get an AMDO billet somewhere?

Robin Nelson

New Member
Pulled this from the AMD:confused:rg website, hope it helps.. "Every selectee had a degree in a preferred field of study, and each made AMDO his/her #1 choice. The average OAR was 51.3 (compared to 48.5 for all AMDO applicants). The average age was 30 (for all applicants and selectees). The average GPA for selectees was 3.28 compared to 3.19 overall. Favorable interview appraisals and letters of recommendations from AMDOs were of tremendous help to board members. Obviously, the more senior the writer, the better" (AMDO OCM).