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Any PMPs here? (not PiMPs, but Permanent Military Professors)


Staff wennie, on the sundown tour
There's a thread from 2006 in the Intel section but otherwise we've been silent.

I'm seriously considering going JPMP (Junior Permanent Military Prof.) as soon as the next XO tells me I'm getting the #2 before leaving later in 2015. Hoping to move then, into a PMP billet once picking up O-5.

When I get back from my OIC cruise, I'll start teaching ERAU classes in Norfolk/Oceana to beef up the resume in case I can't tap a #1 and hopefully go that way. I really don't want a PhD, but hell, if the Navy'll pay for it...

Anyone have any gouge out there? Know anyone J/PMPs? Do they enjoy it?


Apprentice School Principal
I knew a couple at NWC. They did enjoy it, but for a while it was a gaurenteed IA filler. Your community will release you to go than IA and the PMP folks would catch you a year later.

The only down side was getting selected for a topic that you're not excited about (hello, Ops Analysis) but otherwise life is pretty good once you're in their world.

You have conversations disabled, so I can't PM you the email address of the one I worked with for a couple years.


Just rolling along
I know a guy at the Naval Academy who is a PMP and he seems to really enjoy teaching. I could give you his name/email if you are interested. Like helolumpy already said though, conversations/PMs are disabled on your account.


Death by Snoo Snoo
Out of curiosity, is there a way to roll into USNA as an instructor at the O-3 level and get to JPMP? I keep hearing rumblings about being able to roll into a semi-permanent teaching gig this but no one I've talked to knows for sure. O-4 selection would be damn near impossible if you took a USNA teaching route, so I was curious how that would work, if it does at all.

Edit- Also... major thread necro ^_^