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USN Anaphylaxis from meat


New Member
Currently AD Army w/ an Airborne unit. I jump out of Aircraft often.

I had an Alpha Gal (Meat) allergy, and would have a history of Anaphylaxis that I never reported until 2 years ago. I was never prescribed an Epi Pen or an Inhaler for it, as my Alpha Gal levels were lowering at the time anyways .

I am back to eating meat, and have not had an episode for a year and ten months.

I’m currently stationed at the same base I was at when I was diagnosed with an Alpha Gal allergy. Is there any way for me to have this removed from my Military Medical Record? Are my shots at being a pilot FUBAR? Should I schedule a follow up with the same Doctor? Hopefully, I didn’t screw my self over.

I passed a SERE physical this year.

I’ve heard NAMI is quite difficult, and had banked on attending OCS and being a navy Pilot or NFO.

Will my medical history even pop up? Or will it be a clean slate? Thanks all.


New Member
I received an appt with my Dr. at the Allergy clinic today. He has made the encounter in AHLTA stating that “SM no longer sensitive to Alpha Gal allergy. SM is not required to carry an Epi Pen. SM can conduct all duties with no restrictions. SM is released from Allergy/Immunology care.”

Is there really anything I can do about this situation? I’m among few people who have had this Allergy, and had it fade away. Thanks all.