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Am I the only one?


Land of the rising sun. Literally. There's no DST!
I had the dream last night. I was freaking out, clearly one of the last people back for reform in Bancroft as a firstie... I couldn't find my tie for winter working blues (which I know doesn't make sense, you'd be in SWB)... so my solution was to wear whites... with my LTJG bars. My mind didn't seem to connect the JG part with the not-having-to-reform-or-ever-wear-winter working blues- part. Amazing how the past two years in my dream were written off as 20 days of summer leave.


*Insert nerd wings here*
When my family PCSed from Vegas to DC I had to take a few extra classes in high school to meet the requirements to graduate. I realized later that I was actually missing one of the requirements, but never said anything and graduated anyway.

In college I kept having this dream that someone figured this out, and that I had to leave college to go back to high school just for one class.