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Airbus announces the new concept "Racer" helicopter

Randy Daytona

Cold War Relic
Super Moderator
airbus helicopters reveals its racer high-speed winged helicopter concept

at the paris air show, airbus helicopters unveils the aerodynamic configuration of the high speed demonstrator it is developing as part of the clean sky 2 european research programme. dubbed the ‘racer’, for ‘rapid and cost-effective rotorcraft‘, this concept demonstrator will incorporate an array of innovative features and will be optimized for a cruise speed of more than 250 mph (215 knots)


the retreating blades can approach a "stalled," non-flying condition if the speed is too high, while the advancing blades can be buffeted by shock waves as they hit near-supersonic speeds.

The Airbus X3 and Racer get around this by decreasing the main rotor RPM by around 15 percent at high cruising speeds.