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Add Wings to your profile: Pinning on new wings


Lots of requests for newly winged aviators lately, but none of them have actually come from the individuals. Since there's been a new batch, I think the "how-to" has been pushed down the threads, so here's an update.

If you are newly winged (or an old fart that hasn't had them updated on your avatar yet), go to the "Settings" in the upper right part of the window and click it.
-There you'll find "Permission Groups" on the left under "My Settings," most of the way down. Click that and you'll see several groups to join.

-Click the button on the right for whichever group you're requesting (Pilot or NFO) and then click the button "Join Group."

Several moderators/Super-mods can see these requests and authorize the joining. Voila, you now have wings. Sometimes it takes several days to update, so just be patient. For those that have forwarded PMs to mods, that can still be done, by the 4 Admins here, but we can't/don't always get to it, so making the group request makes it easier/faster.

All the above is long gone with the new software. Just post your requests here.

Post here if you have any questions.
Requesting Naval Aviator and Army Aviator Wings. Thanks