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Active Reservist Program Question

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This past weekend I drilled in Kansas and it was my first one. Well, come to find out, I'm the only person in that reseve command or my augment unit with my particular rate. Being an aircrewman there was no plane (P3C) for me to fly on and I was placed in the training Dept. An E-6 told me about a program where he goes online to book his reserve dates and the Navy pays for his commercial flight, rental car and berthing on drill weekends. He said he would leave Friday evening and return Sunday. When he returned he would inform his parent command of his drill and then get put on the list to get paid.

I don't doubt the truthfulness of the E-6 at all I just didn't know how to get more info about that program or anything simlar to it.

I just remembered the program...it's called Beta testing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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You need to talk to the person in personnel who handles what unit you are assigned to about this. I've seen a few people get paid to travel for drills in my 6 years in the USNR-R, but most have to pay those costs themselves. The USNR-R will pay for your lodging when you're from outside of 50 miles. On your Annual Training (AT's) your tickets (if doing AT away from your Reserve Center), etc. would be paid for by the government.

Your best bet is to talk to the personnel staff at your Res. Center.

Good luck!



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Hard to believe the Navy would pay for your air fare to simply drill on IDT. I provided my own transportation over 300 miles to drill for over eight years. My last pay billet was actually in London, UK. The Navy didn't pay my airfare to England for that duty. Fortunately, I flew over there for next to nothing since I am an airline pilot. When I applied they said I would get air fare though. Best bet for you is to find a VP or VR RESFORON that makes a milk run on fridays to pick up their reservists and bring them to their duty station for the drill weekend. If you find any thruth to the program you discribed, let us know.
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