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USN ACCP Bonus - voluntary paybacks & MSR waivers


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Does taking the ADHRB shoehorn one into particular billets post DH? Put another way, let's say I don't take the money and make DH, do I have any more latitude in my post-DH orders than the guy that took the money?
You would if you wanted to redesignate into another community as you aren't beholden to the commitment from the bonus. As for aviation jobs, perhaps, just depends on how hard up the detailer is for bodies in billets.


Interesting development: Piedmont is doing this program as well now and they're looking at enrolling a Hornet pilot into it who Left the community before hitting the RATP mins.

It shows that the airlines are further investing in programs to broaden their applicant pool of pilots to those (Helo pilots, low hours fixed wing guys) traditionally were in the unhirable category just a couple years ago.