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5 Paragraph Order (O SMEAC)


As a Navy OCS guy I feel truly left out...you guys get to do some cool shit in TBS/OCS. We get the "how to drive a ship" Nav course, but the rest of that crap doesn't carry over well. I wish we had a YP event or something like that to use some practical applications, the O course just didn't cut it.
Unless you like to use words like:

In order to, be prepared be to, time is of the essence, center of gravity, combined arms dilemma, kill, yut!!
Good training but probably not necessary for Navy Ops.


New Member
I will be attending 209 with an air contract. I assume since you are on this board you are air as well.

My name is William Calkins
300 pft
memphis, TN
native american (look white)
I was born in cali and have good memories of san diego.
I dont like the cold much, but plan on learning to love it. ;)

How about you??