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There were (are?) plaques all over GHWB (CVN 77) with four simple letters: CAVU. One of President Bush's life long principles, “Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited,” which as the president described to the crew on several occasions, is meant to wish the best of weather and unlimited possibilities in one’s own life.

Personal political preferences aside, GHWB brought the Cold War in for a smooth landing, and held firm to lessons he'd learned as a much younger man in standing firm against destabilizing events in the Middle East. Many believe to this day that his stance against Hussein was a play to hook up the western oil markets and his boys in Houston. If you're on Twitter go find Tom Nichols (@radiofreetom) for a great story about that time in our history.

At any rate, President GHW Bush was the last president to have served on active duty, more specifically the last one to know both the exhilaration and burden of combat prior to taking office. I hope his memorials and remembrances are conducted in the graceful and classy manner he deserves. CAVU.

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I met him in college when he was Vice President. A truly decent man. Something, I'm afraid, the White House will never see again.


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I had the good fortune to meet President Bush several times when he came to town to participate in meetings at a well-known golf venue. This was after his time in office, but he still had a relatively large USSS detail with him. He went out of his way to talk to and interact with the regular joes that he came across and for those few minutes with each person genuinely seemed interested in meeting them and sharing a moment with them. This occurred when he was in view and out of view. I"ve seen others of similar stature do this when they had an " audience " but when they were behind the scenes were aloof and dismissive. He was the real deal.