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30 years old looking to commission

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I have done some research and looked through the threads and it looks like the information on here and online sites are conflicting with what my OF told me.

I am wanting to commission and go to OCS. I am 30 years old turning 31 in June. I initially wanted to submit a packet for PAO but my OF advised since my degree doesn’t line up with PAO my chances of being selected were slim to none.

So my OF suggested Supply and SWO. Well today I get a call from my OF and she stated that I am too old to go active duty with any community. Is this right? Could she be mistaken or I hate to think this, could they be using that excuse as cop out to not help me process.

I need advice I am at a stand still. Would submitting a packet for reserves be the better route?

I’ve not taken the OAR. I haven’t received all my transcripts so I don’t have my weighted GPA as of yet.
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