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3 March 2019 OCS Class


New Member
Just got the call for SNA today! I'll be in this class with the rest of you. Based in Central Florida if anyone wants to get some training in before we ship.

Christa Robison

Active Member
I’ll be joining March 3rd class, eeek! Just curious, Recruiter told me wisdom teeth get pulled at OCS and will put me behind, true or false? Rather do it now if so ...


OCS Bound
Depends how badly the wisdom teeth are grown in. If it needs surgery or not, etc. I've had two pulled, didn't even need meds. Was up and running immediately after.

Squall Lionhart

New Member
Its going to be interesting how long it will take for us to get our FINSELs, especially since the 24 March 2019 is filling up from what I heard.