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28 July 2019 OCS


Congrats man!! I'm trying hard to join you there!
I hope so man. Apparently they called recruiters asking for people who are ready to go. Some extra people should be getting added soon. Idk how many but that's what I've been told.

Newport On Time Rides

Prebook at www.newportbase.com
Arriving at TF Green ( PVD/Providence) airport? I offer a reasonably priced car service with 24 hr base access. Pre book on your phone ( no credit card needed) for pickup and transport to Newport Base. My prices are waay lower than taxis !!
Uber/Lyft have no base access and will leave you outside the gate.
Pre-book at www.navalstationnewport.com
or Call Tim at 401-263-3037

If the slot is booked , give me a call and I'll fit you in. I can take 4 people per car load.
You'll find I'm recommended by NGIS, Navy Chalet and the Navy Lodge and many past classes in the last 4 years on base.