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So what do y'all do for work?

I'm currently an environmental chemist. I test soil, air, water, fish, blood, anything you can think of for pesticides, pcbs, pfos, dioxins, etc. I'm in a lab all day long.
I’ve been a caretaker for a sick relative for over a year. It’s not “cool” or STEM-related or a resume builder, but it’s come with its own life struggles and lessons, and it’s just the cards life dealt ¯\(ツ)


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I had a 911 call once for an allergic reaction. When I got on scene it was a mosquito bite and the lady was worried about lyme disease. I was like "okay where do I start". We were flying there because dispatch made it seem like it was a severe reaction.
Hahaha that sounds about like my dispatch also!