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24 November 2019 OCS Class


Well-Known Member
Half of me is glad that I we are about 2 months out so that I can spend time with my family... But the other half is dying of anticipation


New Member
Hello! Glad to know I'm not the only one still waiting on the final selection letter. My recruiter told me I've been booked for the 24 NOV OCS class. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


New Member
Hi everyone! still waiting for FINSEL, however I am penciled in for this date.

Education: University of Hawaii at Manoa
BS kinesiology exercise science and rehabilitation
GPA: 3.49
OAR: 44
OCS date: 24NOV2019


Just got my final select letter this morning with this class date. Was originally in 13 Oct class in ceTARS but looks like it changed.