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OCS 24 JAN 2016

Hello everyone,
I posted this same message on the FB page, but wanted to include it here in case some of you weren't on FB or in the group yet. I've made a series of recordings to help myself with the gouge, including Conduct, CoC, General Orders, Rank structure, and leadership traits. I'd be happy to share them with you; just pop me an email at 1kevinfarrell@gmail.com , and I'll send them along. Hope it helps with the rote memorization, and see you all soon!



Not in Kansas anymore
I have an interview scheduled this Wednesday to go over my security clearance. To anyone else that's gone through this, any advice on what to bring/expect?

Kayla N

New Member
Hey class 09.

I'm in class 08, but was DQ'd from flight- not to discourage, but it happens a lot. For all of the aviation people, keep in mind that it is a possibility and you may choose to re-designate(SWO, supply, etc).

As far as what to bring,
Nobody checks to see if you actually brought Whitey-tighteys. Just make sure you have white and black. They will check your stubble with a credit card...make sure you shave every day.

Girls: once again, nobody is looking at your underwear, make sure you have enough white and black. Unfortunately, the PT shirts are see-through, make sure your white sports bras don't have a logo. Go ahead and put your hair in a bun for check in, it will save you trouble later. Also, bring hair gel, hair ties, and a bathing suit!

Everyone bring the necessities: running shoes, shampoo/conditioner, soap, deo, toothbrush/toothpaste, towels/washcloths, hair brush, SPORTS WATCH, stamps. Everything else is provided.

To save everyone the trouble go ahead and lace your running shoes "outboard over inboard"

It is a shell shock. There aren't any other words to describe the excitement and anxiety. Nothing you do will be correct or fast enough, that's the point. Trust the process and know your gouge!!!

Sample schedule:
Day 1: check in to Calaghan Hall. You'll do a lot of paperwork and get your pt gear/room assignment. You will learn how to address the Candios (DO NOT CALL THEM SIR/MA'AM), you will say "aye or yes/no candidate officer".

Day 2: Medical and more paperwork. You will learn chow hall procedures and learn the basic procedures of OCS.

Day 3: More Medical/ paperwork.

Day 4: IST. Be in the best shape. You will run on an indoor track that takes about 19--21 laps to make a mile and a half.

Day 5: You will learn more procedures. Some of you will fail the IST and be "rolled" into Holding, don't panic. Work hard and you will class up.

Day 6: "First Friday". You will be RPT'd over and over again. This is the day you meet your class team- your DI and your RDC's.

The rest you'll learn along the way. Don't get discouraged, you will question yourselves, but you've already came this far. The training staff is here to form you into a Naval Officer, trust in them and give them your absolute best. You can do this!


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Question. For socks to bring, do they have to be completely blank even on the toe? (Ex: a rebok logo on the toes) and for the toiletries, do you need to bring enough to last all of OCS? Or just the first phase? Last one. If you are DQd for aviation are you required to redesignate for something else? Just curious as the the protocol there as my two I was selected for are both aviation. Thanks!

Kayla N

New Member

For the socks, no. They can have logos on the toe/heel as long as you can't see them in shoes.

You need to bring enough to last you for the first 3 weeks, I'm not sure when your class will be able to make a NEX run, but there is a store on base.

If you are DQ'd you are not required to re-designate, but if you don't want to re-designate, then you will DOR (Drop on Request), and go home.


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Thanks for the info! Very helpful. May I ask what you were DQd from flight for? If not I completely understand. Just curious.


PRO REC Y: 9/28/2015
Additional questions about the socks. Under necessities, you did not list socks. I usually wear ankle socks but then I saw some pictures of the PT session. The pictures on the Newport facebook shows PT socks are the all white, shin-high socks. I would like to buy my own instead of being issued some. I will assume they need to be exactly like them. Can you give a better description so I can closely match the issued ones?

Kayla N

New Member
I didn't list anything that they issue to you, but you can bring socks. You are not allowed to wear ankle socks in Training Country, you will need the full athletic (crew) socks.

I was NPQ'd for vision issues I never realized I had. Make sure to hydrate yourselves. You will never be denied hydration or head calls.