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2018 AMDO Board


Blue Angels Command LPO (Frontman)
1. You don't have to create duplicate threads.
2. Based off the fact no one else has created a thread... no.
1. Tried to delete one because I realized I posted in the wrong forum that I wanted to.
2. There always has to be a first.

Have a good day!


Registered User
Good luck to all of you! This is my 7th time applying for OCS. Here are my stats
Male, 40yrs (I know I'm old)
AWF1 , FTS, 9 yrs of service
Evals: (Newest to oldest) EP Transfer, MP, EP (1 of 4 frockees) , EP (#1 OF 31), EP EP
JSOY 2009 & 2014
MA 3.2 GPA
QAR, Power plants LPO, NATOPS LPO
C-40A Crew Chief with 4,000+ flight hours
3 AMDO interviews: O-5, O-5, O-4 (all 10's)
LOR: O-6 Wing Commodore
OAR 47
DAPA, UPC, ACFL, SAPR, and EAWS Coordinator. All in the last three years.
Secret Clearance


New Member
Submitted mine last week. Good luck, everyone. First time applying AMDO, second time OCS. We'll see..

Female, 27
AT1 (AW/SW), 5 years active duty
Evals: P (New E-6), EP (4 of 40, 15 of 343), EP (6 of 41), MP
OAR: 56
BS Mass Communications 2.68 GPA
Interviews: O-5 x4 (All 10's)
LOR: Retired O-6 Pilot
ALQ-99 WCS, Misc Cass LPO, CDI
MAP to E-6 2017, NAMx 2, SOQ 2016, BJOQ 2013
ACFL, Honor Guard


Blue Angels Command LPO (Frontman)
I was just made aware of the Deadline change form the 19 JAN to 12 JAN this past week. Luckily I was already ready to submit. Good luck!