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2011 TBS wait and API


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Thanks for the insight guys. I know it's going to change by the time I get there but getting any idea how it is now is appreciated. Has anyone done PTAD after commissioning, before TBS, and with a unit other than their OSO? My lease is up the day after I go to seniors so I can come home, then head down to Virginia. My brother in law is a contractor in Fredericksburg and he got me a good deal on a place in Stafford, but I want to stay busy n not have to draw unemployment while I wait to pick up. I am a black belt MAI, so I am hoping some unit on base needs an instructor and I can get it that way.


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Has anyone done PTAD after commissioning, before TBS, and with a unit other than their OSO?
I asked my OSO about this because I live at Pax River and was hoping to PTAD with TPS or something before TBS and he said that the only place a 2nd Lt can PTAD before TBS is at an OSO. Please, if someone has other information on this...correct me. I want this to not be true very much because I know I would be able to find something to do here in the down time. Thanks!


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Until a decision is made by Congress regarding the national budget, the USMC can only afford to PCS 700 officers for FY11. You can do the mathemagic on your own.

A Co was told today that 80 of 190 who rate PCS orders will actually receive them (that's XXXX mos, not just 75XX). Those who go to Pensacola will class up based on their lineal standing (determined at TBS). Those who do not class up will get TAD orders from NASP. Ten to twelve motivated volunteers/tolds will stay in NatCap area and potentially go TAD with Pentagon, etc.

My advice--don't worry about orders to Pensacola until you are in training week 24 of TBS. You have bigger fish to fry before then.


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I asked about API with only curiosity at this time. Like I said when it was passed up that I am finishing my degree early, my RFA was put in to Direct Commission after seniors this summer. As anxious to get back in as I am, I need to plan for July-whenever I class up at TBS. If that turns out to be several months, for me the best case scenario would be to go PTAD on Quantico. If anyone knows if thats possible please help me out


For some reason my orders specifically stated I could not PTAD before TBS, even though I commission next Friday and don't report until June 7th. My OSO said something about it being because I am an air contract.


Can I go home yet?
I know I stayed in Quantico for a little bit working as a General's gopher. It's really all case by case, but if you push hard enough in the right manner, you might get your way.