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1515 AEDO DCO gouge?

Hair Warrior

Well-Known Member
A close friend of mine is considering applying for 1515 AEDO DCO.

I am looking to give him some gouge, such as: When is the Board held? Is it held once or twice annually? How many candidates get "PRO REC Y 1515" on average per year?

He's got what I believe are super competitive stats:

31 yrs old
Physically fit
Non-prior service
BS, Mechanical Engineering, 3.8-ish GPA I think
MS, Aerospace Engineering, 4.0 GPA
GS-14 supervisory civilian for Navy PEO somethin dealing with advanced radars an such
9 yrs experience as Navy civilian; multiple TDYs OCONUS on secret squirrel radar stuff
Oversees 8-12 sailors; manages multi-million dollar things

Just The Mechanic

New Member
Hello, Based on my DCO selection experience and my time in the aerospace industry I would say your friend would be at the top of the list for AEDO. The DCO process takes a lot of time and you need to be your own advocate and constantly check in with your recruiter to make sure you get all the items checked off. The interviews are an extremely important part of the entire process and can be a little difficult to get scheduled. Tell your friend to apply and keep trying even if he does not get selected the first time around.


Reserve AEDO
I agree with the above, sounds like a strong candidate. As modest as I can make this sound, his background sounds similar to mine and I got picked up the first time I applied. Tell him to browse these boards for info and ask any questions, I've found this site extremely helpful throughout my application process.

Hair Warrior

Well-Known Member
Tell him to apply for the motherf***ing board.
Copy, sir. I think he and his wife are still figuring out if they want the Navy to own him for one weekend a month, in addition to the 20+ days a month they already own him. I probably jumped the gun creating this thread. Standby.