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  1. E

    Supply Board 07 September 2020

    Hello All, Thought I would start a thread for this most recent supply board - I hope I'm doing this right. The last board took almost 8 weeks to get results, hopefully we will hear sooner than that! Does anyone know if the board met this past week? Best of luck everyone!
  2. ichneumonidae

    21 Aug 17 Supply Board

    Hello all- I am applying here as my number 1 and so figured I would create a thread for this board for all of us that are applying. Good luck to everyone!! :)
  3. W

    Information About Selection

    I've been getting a lot of mixed feed back about timelines for selection notification for fleet applicants; some say two weeks, others have said up to three months from the convening date of the board. My board convened Nov 7th (Supply Corps) and it's been more than two weeks with no...
  4. Chop07

    23 May 2016 Supply Corps Board

    As you prepare for the next Supply Corps Board, below are results from the 22Feb2016 board. Total Applicants: 192 (20 from the fleet) Selects: 25 (4 from the fleet) Selection Rate: 13% Next Board/Deadline: 22Apr deadline for 23May board. This board will wrap up FY16 selects and begin FY17...