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  1. H

    USN SNFO/SNA re-des pre-commissioning

    NROTC MIDN just got a SNFO slot. Put NFO second to SNA. Obviously very happy to not be a SWO but I had my heart set on pilot so there's definitely some disappointment. Wondering if anyone has experience or knows the chances on redesignating before commissioning. I figure there may be some way to...
  2. Charles T. Moore

    Aviation Pipeline as of 2019

    Howdy, all. I am currently in phase IV at TBS and set to graduate on April 24th. I have started to look for housing and such down in Pensacola but we are hearing some scuttlebutt that IFS is shut down for the fiscal year as of late February this year due to budget issues. I was just wondering if...
  3. EAW94

    Marine Corps Flight Options

    I am currently a student at TBS and have a flight contract, so I will go to Pensacola following my graduation here. I was looking to get some information regarding the different flight paths available to me in the Marine Corps. I am recently married as well. I am open to each of the different...
  4. brandy.porrata

    Moving to the Pensacola Area?

    My name is Brandy and I'm a Realtor in Pensacola at TOPGUN Property Realty. I'd love to help you find a home in the area. When my husband came here for flight school, we purchased a home and have since rented it out as an investment. If this is something you'd like to do, give me a call. I'm...
  5. wplax26

    Room for rent Penacola $500 furnished with utilities

    12 x 12 room for rent, fully furnished with queen size bed. Internet, electricity, water, sewage, trash, and recycling included. Off street parking. Walking distance to the Oar House, Shoreline Deli, Joe Patti's, Nick's Boathouse, the baseball stadium and downtown. 5 minutes from NAS Pensacola...
  6. Scott Barton

    Chandelle development home rental

    Hello: We are looking to rent our home out for a 6-7 month period, December 1, 2015-June or July 1, 2015. We are located in the Chandelle development off Gulf Beach Highway. We are a 5-minute drive to the back gate of NAS Pensacola and from beautiful Johnson Beach, close to Perdido Key. We...