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officer candidate school

  1. H

    Navy Career In Flight Ops/Aviation?

    Hi All, 26 y/o here who is seriously considering joining the Navy as an officer. I went to college and currently work in the defense industry and have had this urge to serve in the military for a few years now. I keep putting it off and now I think I’m too old to do what I’d like to but not...
  2. D


    ALCON, Below is a link to the Navy Recruiting Command's portal site; CAC Card required. Please make sure you select your "DOD EMAIL" certificate to gain access. https://mpte.navy.deps.mil/sites/nrc/n3/n31/SitePages/Home.aspx It is updated weekly and will help you stay up to date on any...
  3. Ronin88

    OCS Survival Guide

    I recently graduated from OCS and received endless amounts of questions about it. To help I started creating a video series on YouTube. If you would like to check it out the link is below. Hopefully they help you on your OCS journey.
  4. Khaanh

    GOUGE Big 'ol Gouge Folder

    Hi all, this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3H2TOw-sb8WeVVNZVpHaHZFeU0 leads to a Google Drive folder containing gouge that I've found helpful, if not necessary--the folder will be continuously updated, and the included files are listed below. Please let me know of any outdated...
  5. NavyLife1989

    Sending phone cards in the mail at OCS

    Hey all- I am a new member to Air Warriors, but I have been following some threads for a while now. My fiancé is currently at OCS in RI. Some posts online said that a phone card should be brought with them prior to starting OCS. We did not even think of this and he didn't bring one. My...
  6. FirstGenNavy

    Recruiters: Question about DOR

    I have a question for former and current Navy officer recruiters. My dream has always been to serve in the Navy. I was recently offered a commission as an intelligence officer, however, three weeks into Officer Candidate School, I dropped on request. Without going into much detail, my...
  7. First Sergeant

    AOCS Book Written - The Pressure Cooker: Forging Naval Officers Through Marine Leadership

    After 4 yrs. of effort a book of Drill Instructor stories has been written and published. 540 pages of Marine Drill Instructors training future Naval Officers at Pensacola from 1947 - 1994. 240 stories in all written by the Naval Officers who endured the pressure of Marine Corps drill...