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  1. Meyerkord

    Naval Academy midshipman dies during PRT

    No major details yet. This was the first PRT at USNA to implement planks and cadence pushups. https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2020/02/08/naval-academy-midshipmen-dies-during-prt/ Edit: according to a midshipman on Reddit, they went into cardiac arrest during the run.
  2. derek.bane

    ASTB Exam Help - PLEASE

    Is anyone willing to share or sell their study materials if they have already passed their ASTB/OAR exams? I just quit my job and I am starting the whole process to become a US Naval Pilot. I sincerely mean it when I say that any help is appreciated. We could all work wonderfully together as a...
  3. abctotheabc

    14 MAY 18 SWO BOARD

    Since we're about three months out, I thought I'd start this board. Checking in for this. Packets are due April 6th.
  4. joshhems


    I am an ET3 in Norfolk been in for one and a half years, I am less than 30 credits away from my bachelors degree in electronics. I can apply to OCS up to 18 months in advance and I am doing that. First thing I am doing is getting PRK which will be done next week. This is from a civilian doctor...