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naval aviator

  1. Ventus

    Navy JTACs?

    Does the Navy have JTACs outside of the Naval Special Warfare Community? What I mean by that is, I know that Marine Corps Aviators/NFOs have the ability to become JTACs after their first tour. Is this an available career path on the Navy side of things? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I used the...
  2. B

    Becoming a U.S. Navy Pilot as a Foreigner?

    Hello, I'm a student from Austria and I would like to become a U.S. navy pilot, which requires me to become a navy officer. That of course requires me to attain a U.S. citizenship, which I don't have. Now, before I go on trying to do that, I would like to ask if there are any navy officers of...
  3. PilotEngineer

    Aviation Officer Candidate School Program

    I am a sophomore at Cornell University majoring in mechanical engineering. I plan to graduate with at least a 3.2 GPA then I will continue to do my one year's masters in Aerospace Engineering also at Cornell before applying for OCS. I've already started taking flight lessons and I am projected...
  4. E

    ASTB ASTB study prep recommendations.

    Hi everyone, I’m a 25 year old female, prior enlisted (corpsman - HM). I got out of active duty (honorable discharge) after 5 years active and one year reserve due to a family emergency and I am currently working towards a major in Physics with a focus on Astrophysics. I have been talking with...
  5. C

    Navy vs. Marines-Naval Aviator (Here we go again)

    Howdy guys, I realize this has been posted before and I have read through a great deal of threads on this topic, but I would like some updated responses because things change by the minute. I have decided to apply for a pilot spot in both the Navy and the Marines. I'm hopeful that I will get an...
  6. Intrepid12

    What does it take to be a Navy Pilot?

    Hello all, This is my first post on this website. I am currently an aerospace engineering student who is about to start his sophomore year. I am looking to get some information about becoming a Navy Pilot. Something important to note is that I would be taking the OCS route. What type of...
  7. Future Pilot619

    Changed My Mind From Joining USMC to Joining USN

    Hey everyone! So this may sound odd, but I have decided to try and become an officer in the Navy instead of being an officer in the Marine Corps. I was researching what is favorable to the selection boards in NROTC units for mid's that want to become Naval Aviator's and how/when to go about...
  8. Future Pilot619

    Interested In Becoming a pilot for the USMC through NROTC

    Hello all! I just made an account on this awesome site and had some very important questions to ask. I am currently a Junior in high school(about to be a senior) and I have been thinking about joining the military, I am a Navy brat who's interested in flying for the military. I have decided to...