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motivational statement

  1. S

    OCS IP motivational statement in need of feedback *do not hesitate and include harsh criticism*

    It is the American dream I strive to protect even if it means death. As a leader, it is only natural to pursue something greater, and to achieve strength that will make our nation more powerful. To be amongst leaders that are part of the most elite forces in the world, which is the United States...
  2. eholmes94

    Motivational Statement Help

    I need some feedback about my motivational statement from people who have actually written one before. Thank you in advance for the help. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Everyone has answered this question and, for my entire life, I've always had the same answer: to fly...
  3. JohnH

    OCS Personal motivation statement. Please rip apart.

    I am posting my personal Motivational Statement for my OCS packet here. I am applying to both Intel and IW. I have a few English majors shredding it for grammar. I would really appreciate help with Content. Please be ruthless but tactful. My questions are did I over emphasize my intel...