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  1. M

    Officer interviews for ocs

    Hey everyone. I'm about to start getting my package together for intel o and had some questions. I'm prior enlisted and have put in a package in 2017, for NFO and didnt get selected. I aged out of NFO and am now trying for Intel O and Crypto. My question is, can I reuse my interviews even though...
  2. J

    OCS Interviews

    Good Morning All, I am submitting my package this July for SWO. However, where I am stationed at, there aren’t any SWO’s, at all, not even close by. What is the best way to go about getting a SWO interview? After all, I only need 1 of the 3 to be SWO. Thanks for your help. Dean
  3. Mark I

    USNR IWC Interviews

    Hello All: New to the forum, but a long-time lurker. Have always appreciated how supportive and responsive everyone on here is and I was hoping those in the know might be able to provide some info from their own experiences about the interview process. I am scheduled to interview in late July...