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Which watch?


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My dad is getting me a nice watch as a college graduation present. After looking at Breitlings, Tags, and Omegas the two watches I like the most are both Omega (it was tough getting it down that far). I have been stuck on this for a while and was hoping to get a little feedback from those in the know...

Speedmaster Professional

Seamaster 300m GMT




Opinions on this one are...well..like...you know what. You'll get lots and none are as important as yours. I used to be a huge fan of Breitling but honestly, have seen many others that I think are more elegant...something thats important to me in a watch I'll give to my kids.

The more I look, the more I tend to see the wisdom of one of the <ahem> more experienced members of the board...and am tending towards a Rolex. I'm also a big fan of Sinn however...we'll see.

Good luck and congratulations.


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The more I look, the more I tend to see the wisdom of one of the <ahem> more experienced members of the board...and am tending towards a Rolex. I'm also a big fan of Sinn however...we'll see.
A4s has no idea what he is talking about.......;)


Since it's a gift from your Dad ... go with the OMEGA Speedmaster so you won't break the bank (his bank). It's what my Mom gave me when I commissioned .... :) it survived the TRACOM, SERE, JEST, C-WEST, Mombasa, the PO, a hundred gin joints in 100 liberty ports, 3000 hours of A-4/A-6 time and one ejection. I had it rebuilt a couple of years ago and it still keeps perfect time and looks like new.

When YOU have established yourself ... get a *ahem* ROLEX. It shows you have "arrived" ... and you did it yourself.

Say hello to my little friend(s) ..... :)

One of my STUDs showed up @ Beeville sporting a Rolex GMT and a new Corvette --- Daddy had bought them for him --- he was a good lookin' kid, smart, a decent stick, and a big playboy. All the other STUDs talked behind his back (jealous), so did most of the Instructors (envy); he was Daddy's pride & joy, etc., etc.

O.K., O.K. ... so I was a little envious, too. So what???

He finished up @ Kingsville after he got caught sleeping with the wife of one of the squadron CO's in Beeville. :)

I met Daddy -- an AF General -- when he came down for #1 son's Winging. I said : "Your son's a good kid, but you spoil him too much ... maybe if he had worked a little harder (*and not slept with the CO's wife ;)*) he could have gotten the orders and seat that he wanted."

He replied ... "That's strange, that's what my wife said .... now LT, what would you like to drink? " :)


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I've got an Omega Speedmaster X-33. The squadron got a good deal on an order of them and the squadron logo is engraved on the back. Purists will say they don't like the digital, but I like its dual functionality.



Slept with the skippers wife and DIDN'T get the boot?
Apparently, he hadn't been the first one. :)

The only one that "got the boot" was the squadron CO's wife ... and like Master said ... in this case it was "who you know AND who you blow" ... General Daddy and all .... :D

Now .... back to watches.


It's gettin' a bit dramatic 'round here...
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Don't expect your Dad to break the bank for you and be gracious no matter what you get. It's all good.

Backs of the custom X-33's look very cool...here's mine:

Or one of these...


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I am 100% behind the Omega Speedmaster X-33 it has the most functionality in the cockpit. As stated earlier most wont like it because of the digital in the middle, but it has alot of functions, some that I dont even use! Hope we helped!!