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TBS Graduation

Hi everybody,

My fiance is in Delta Company and is graduating on December 20 (not that I'm counting) so I'm trying to figure out how all this works. I've read on the TBS website that graduation starts at 10 and then there is a reception afterward at 11, but what happends after that? Are the grads free to leave Quantico after that or do they have some sort of checking out process that will keep them there for the rest of the day? I am planning on road tripping it back home with him, so I'm trying to get as much information as possible so that I can let my parents know when I will be showing up for Christmas festivities.

Thanks for any help y'all can give me.


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Graduation finished, I ran to my car, changed out of my Blues, drove to the hotel my mom was staying at, ripped of my TBS sticker (tried to set it on fire, just for the enjoyment) and drove to DC to start the drinking. All the check out mumbo jumbo should be done before graduation, but that doesnt mean that different companies do it different ways.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be the same for him as it was for you. I think we are both hoping to start celebrating Christmas and put TBS in rear view mirror as soon as possible.



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I see December 20th is a Thursday. We also graduated on Thursday but couldn't leave until Friday morning after we got our rooms inspected.


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I was a third of the way across the country by the end of TBS graduation day. Unless things have changed, like Cavt said, you are FREE as soon as the ceremony is over.

Crowbar, the joy of room inspections takes place the morning of graduation ... makes everything a real pain in the ass. You have to have all your stuff out of there, have your blues ready and put the entire platoons into ONE room, then change into them in the ONE room. But I don't think anyone cared, we were OUT!


I believe nicotine + caffeine = protein
I'm pretty sure I was there and I'm pretty sure we didn't leave until the next day. Different companies do things differently from time to time, you know.
Easy there - I understand things are different with different companies. I know you have been there - not really sure what you meant by that. No hard feelings...


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Just don't be like the one company who didn't adequetely clean their rooms and had to stay after graduation and finish cleaning them in dress blues.