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Military History in Film


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With reference the list offered by @Renegade One I have to add the following:

Flags of Our Fathers
Letters from Iwo Jima
Kelly’s Hero’s (just...because)
Catch 22
The Longest Day
They Were Expendable
In Harm’s Way
The Bridge at Remagen
A Midnight Clear
Ride With the Devil


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Just looked those up; they weren't them. From what I vaguely remember about the plot, it was a LT or LCDR who was the original protagonist, with his dutiful housewife, and he suddenly dies in an accident and from what I remember, a more senior officer, a CDR or CAPT, someone he considered a mentor gets to the bottom of it for his wife's sake and improves safety within the Navy. I remember them almost exclusively wearing SDB's in the film.
You got me stumped...but I want to find it and watch it.