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Depth perception mega thread


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awesome, thanks mrw! that thing was terrible at MEPS. it sure wasn't obvious. i don't have any problems with my eyes, and hopefully i don't have any depth perception problems. Thanks again for the info! Later

Matt L.


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I was just at MEPS in Columbus, OH for my physical this past November and they did not dialate anyone's eyes. In fact the only people that were given the depth perception test were those hoping to be pilots.

I also had trouble with the test, even though I have perfect depth perception according to a civillian test I had done a week later.


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I had the depth perception test done on me at MEPS here in california. As far as i could tell, everyone had to do depth perception. I am in the USMC aviation program, so my OSO had me go and see my eye doc and to get my eyes dialted. Anyway, the point is that I failed the depth perception test at MEPS, and let me tell you that I was almost sure my aviation career was over before it ever even began. But, I went and saw my doc and passed the test with flying colors. So, what i want to tell you folks is that, don't trust MEPS if they tell you that you have failed a specific test. They are in such a hurry to get things done that they simply don't want to pay any attention. So, that's my story.


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Well said Raptor. I had the same worries.

Raptor, do think you have a better chance on the depth perception test if your eyes are dialated? My reason for asking is if for some reason I do not get selected for an aviation slot with BDCP b/c of the MEPS exam, even though I have documentation from my Doctor, could I argue that the test wasn't given properly since my eyes were not dialated?

To anyone else out there, Don't let MEPS tests discourage you!


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To be honest with you, I can't say for sure. But, I do remember ho wblury my vision was after they dialated my eyes, and i'm sure that if they had given me any tests after the dialation, I would not have passed. Here is what I would recommend you do if you already have not done so. Go see an optomologist and ask them to do all the tests they can possibly. You may have to specify that you want the depth perception test/dialaton. While I was going through my tests and just chating with the doc, she told me that many people fail the test's, but the good news is that most of the times it's just a false alarm. I am a good example of such a case, I think. Anyway, did you pass all the necessary exams at the optomologist? If you did, you should be just fine because the marines accepted the results for me, so i'm sure the navy will do just the same. I hope that helps.


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I did in fact pass all of the other tests at the optomologist's I did make sure he gave me a couple of different kinds of depth perc. tests, but he could not find the one with the columns of circles like they gave at MEPS. I still think I should be okay though b/c I did perfect on the ones I was given which were quite similar. Does anyone know if the depth perc. test that is included in the flight physical is the exact same type (coloumns of circles) they give at MEPS?

Thanks for the help Raptor


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Depth Perception

When I took my flight physical I was having a hard time with the depth perception test(they used the test with the circles, whatever it's called). They then let me do a depth perception test using this little box that had three bars in it. I had no problem with this and got all of them right. Does anyone know what kind of depth perception test I will have to take when I get to P-cola?


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I don't have the answer to your question gator but i'd like to know the answer. For some reason though, no one seems to want to answer any question relating to the eye exam. I have asked similar questions before and never had a reply. Good luck.


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Just some gouge...

I have heard from my roommates that it helps to look at some Magic Eye pictures before taking the "donut" depth perception test. Apparently they become much easier to see that way. I failed that one and took the vertical line test (and barely passed, phew!). It also helps to be seeing 20/20 at the time when taking those tests.


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When I took my initial flight physical I had 20/15 and I think my problemm stemmed from the fact that I really didn't know what I was supposed to be looking at. When they gave me the vertical line test a different person administered it and did a much better job of explaining it to me. I had to no problems with this one and didn't miss one. I'm sure that I will pass again next time, but it never know.
It also helps on the depth perception test to blink once or twice for each row...the elevated ones popped right out at me. I know you already passed MEPS but keep it in mind for NOMI.



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depth perception blues

Hi all,

Just got told by a guy who is in OCS that during the medical at OCS they use the same crazy depth perception test as in MEPS - the one with the circles.

I had quite a lot of trouble with this at MEPS, in fact, I failed it twice! It was only after they sent me to a civilian doctor that I finally got a flight slot - I got a 100% on the civilian depth perception test. I also know of a couple other people who got in the same way - they just could not pass the damned thing at MEPS, but got OK-ed for pilot after getting the civilian depth perception test.

What happens if you fail it at OCS? Are there other tests that they can give to you? I am really stressing about this thing. :(

Jack Szarkowski


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This came up before, and I believe someone said that if you fail the MEPS version, then they do the civilian (3D glasses) version. Someone correct me if I am wrong.