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DCOIC Gouge for those about to commission as a DCO

I know in my unit you can not take any orders until you complete DCOIC. There are 14 seats available for the 04/07 class and 31 available for the 04/21 class.
That isn’t your command policy, it is USNR policy. It was implemented because too many DCOs were going years without completing DCOIC. However, CNRFC N7 can and has authorized waivers to execute ADT schools orders prior to completion of DCOIC. I did it. I worked with the N7 DCO officer coordinator at CNRFC to grease the skids. Long story shorter, I completed my designator training (8 week AMO school) from October to December and went to DCOIC in January. Bottom line: there are waivers for almost everything in the Navy, but you have to know how to work the system and who to talk to.

On another note, DCOIC is just two weeks. Suck it up and get it done, even if it is a little cold-it makes for better stories.

DCOIC was great. I took it seriously, worked as a team, and enjoyed every minute. It's easy if you have the right attitude and always work as a team to do what you're expected to do. Here's the nuance: The senior chiefs and class officer set expectations, and it's up to you (especially DIVO and ADIVO) to live up to those expectations as a class. No one's really ordering you around. (An analogy for being an officer.)
Same here. You'll get what you put into it. It isn't boot camp and it definitely isn't OCS. You're told what time to be ready in the morning then it's up to you to determine what time to get up to be ready in time.