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23 May 18 Pilot/NFO Selection Board

Are you still in school or do you know if this board applies to those still in school who are graduating in May? My recruiter has told me that the next board is still 23 May and hasn't mentioned anything about this board coming up next week.
No, I graduated last May. I don't know for sure, but from what I've heard I think the pre-board is only for graduated applicants. I'd ask your recruiter though.


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D762FC87-B0A3-4418-944F-D9CE1C59B6C9.jpeg Is my logic flawed in the assumption I’ve made here? My recruiter’s response is extremely ambiguous; thought I might pick y’all’s brains.


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When I talked to my recruiter he said that's how I should look at it. But honestly that doesn't make too much sense to me since I figure they're still trying to select the same number of overall applicants


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To be clear: I understand not all individuals with the qualifying scores will be eligible for this board due to ship dates, but this is going to take SOME of the highest scoring applicants out of the pool that would have otherwise gone to the May board.

If my understanding is off anywhere, please correct me!
Just tried to confirm that im submitted for this board and my recruiter tells me the Division Officer has been on leave and isn't sure he's submitted it yet... Great
Checking in, my OR told me we can still submit my package for this upcoming May board. I am submitting this upcoming Wednesday. My stats are as follows:

Age: 26
Degree: BA in Geography
GPA: 3.7
Applying: 1) NFO 2) SWO 3) IP
ASTB: 51 4/5/5
Lors: geography professor who has known/worked with me for 2 years